Visit. Discover. Apply.

The steps in our application process are outlined below.

Arrange a school tour and class observation.

This visit is required of all families seeking admission for their child. Observations are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays and begin at 9:00 am. Your appointment will include a half-hour classroom observation as well as time to meet our Director of Admissions. Visits generally last 1½ hours. (We regret we cannot accommodate children on this first visit.)

Complete your application form.

Following a school visit, prospective families are invited to apply online. A Questionnaire Form and an Application can be found here. Applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable $100 application fee and sent to MSGH. Once your application is received, we establish an admissions file for your child and s/he is placed in our active waiting pool.

Attend Family Meeting.

You and your child are invited to meet with our Head of School. This meeting provides you with another opportunity to discuss MSGH and the Montessori approach in depth. The purpose of the meeting is to ensure there is a good match between what MSGH offers and your own family’s values, philosophy and expectations. A Toddler teacher attends Toddler Family Meetings, since the Family Meeting also serves the purpose of ‘Meet the Teacher’ for our Toddler applicants. Family Meetings are typically one hour in duration.

Meet the teacher.

We will schedule a ‘Meet the Teacher’ session for your child.

  • For the Toddler child (15-30 months) this visit is incorporated into the Family Meeting with our Head of School and a Toddler teacher.
  • The Primary child (2½-6 years) spends a half-hour with Primary Program teachers in a classroom setting.
  • The Elementary child (6-12 years) visits the classroom for a minimum of two consecutive days.

Receive a decision regarding placement.

Once steps 1 to 4 are complete, a timely decision will be made regarding your child’s placement.

Review financial assistance options.

Applications for financial aid can be submitted online starting December 1. To obtain financial aid for the following school year, submit an application no later than March 5.

Return the enrollment contract.

Upon acceptance, and availability of a classroom opening, an enrollment contract is prepared. The signed contract is returned with a one-time registration fee of $500 and a one-time $1,000 enrollment deposit. For Toddler and Primary Program enrollees, the enrollment deposit is applied to the final tuition payment upon completion of the full Primary program; note that the deposit will not be refunded if the enrollee does not complete the Primary Program. For Elementary Program enrollees, the enrollment deposit is applied to the student’s final tuition payment.