Pricilla Marshall

Adolescent Art and Micro-Economy Teacher

“Although I was instructed entirely in the public school system, I believe I actually learned best in a ‘Montessoriesque’ manner.  I think many of us truly learn intuitively in the way Maria Montessori so eloquently describes and encourages.”

Priscilla joined the MSGH community in 2018 as the Art Guide at the Millstream Farm Adolescent Program.  She returns this year as Art and Micro-Economy Guide. Priscilla graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting and Design.  She has worked in many venues in the past 35 years as an herbal artist, wreath-maker, gardener, designer, illustrator, photographer, watercolor and acrylic painter, elf-sculptor, and co-owner of an herbal business.  Her years of counseling adolescents at summer camp, 4-H involvement, and cultivating the gardens at her family’s farm have given her a diverse background of artistic experience.

Her volunteer activities have included designing artworks for The New Hartford Historical Society, The New Hartford Land Trust, The Bakerville Library, and the Farmington River Coordinating Committee.  She is a board member of the New Hartford Art League.

Priscilla and her husband, Bob, live in the woods of Nepaug with their cat, White Paws.  They enjoy canoeing, traveling, and time with family and friends.  They have recently become a great aunt and uncle.