Jack McArdle

Adolescent Guide

“I love working at MSGH. I’ve worked in many places, but MSGH is the place where the implementation most closely matches the mission. Everyone’s mission is the children. We always think of the good of the children first. All else is subservient to that.”

Jack came to MSGH having taught high-school math for a number of years. He took a part-time teaching position in our Adolescent Program and fell in love with our Montessori, farm-based program. Jack recognized that it supported the developmental needs of adolescents so well that he decided to become a trained Guide. In 2014, Jack finished the NAMTA/AMI diploma in Orientation to Adolescent Studies (12 to 18 years) and we are thrilled that he is now full-time at MSGH and part of this exceptional program.

In addition to earning a Bachelor’s degree from St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD., Jack is also a certified Novell Engineer and Master Instructor (CNE, & mCNI) & Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and had a full career during the foundational days of computer networking. With his wife Jacki, he raised two children both of whom attended Montessori programs through their elementary years.

In his “spare” time, Jack runs an Irish Dance school. He passed the rigorous examinations of An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha (The Irish Dancing Commission) and holds the T.C.R.G. designation. Jack is proud of the fact that the school guides the ardent dancers to championship and world competition without forgetting that children are not just “dancing machines”.