Anayancy Aguilar

Primary Two Teacher

“I love and respect each child in my classroom and am very dedicated to them. I want to support them as they learn and grow and I want them to feel good about themselves. For me, it’s pretty simple: I love kids. Each one of them is different, and I love them just the way they are when they come to me.”

Ana has been with the MSGH community for over 20 years. Originally from Costa Rica, Ana moved to Los Angeles in 1988, where she began working toward her degree in Early Childhood Education.

In 1993, Ana moved to Connecticut and began her career at MSGH as a Primary Assistant. Her organizational skills and rapport with children were invaluable when she helped to establish our first Toddler classroom with Guide, Catherine Croce. She later worked alongside Toko Odorczuk as they initiated MSGH’s second toddler classroom.

Having assisted at various levels, Ana was inspired to earn her Montessori diploma at the Primary level. She did so in 2009 when she graduated from the Montessori Training Center of New England. Ana has been a Primary Guide for a number of years and currently co-teaches in our all-day Primary Classroom.

Ana enjoys spending her free time relaxing and enjoying time with her family. Anyone who knows Ana knows she is an animal lover, so family time also includes lots of time with her dog Rocco.